Financial Information

Great Plains Baptist Divinity School is a tuition free school. There is a non-refundable $30.00 matriculation (records service) fee each trimester, per course, for all campus students. The campus student's textbooks and related school supplies, plus normal living costs are the only other costs. There is a per credit hour fee for off-campus students.

Recognizing that those in preparation for pastoral, missionary and Christian education service need solid and dedicated training, we invite churches and individuals to contribute support in any of several ways:
  1. By regular support and special gifts to this educational ministry. Several churches do this now and receive regular reporting.
  2. By designated gifts for our library, facilities, permanent equipment, etc.
  3. By “memorials” in the name of a loved one for student scholarships.
  4. By endowments for interested individuals which are invited and greatly appreciated.
  5. By bequests remembering the college in one's last will and testament.